Wearing a Paris t-shirt is cliche or trendy?

There’s no denying Paris T-shirts have become extremely popular. Most tourists are seen wearing these Paris T shirts as they roam around trying to capture the essence of the city. However, these t-shirts have gained so much popularity that even those who have not visited Paris are seen purchasing Paris T-shirts. While purchasing souvenirs, such as tiny Eiffel Towers, fridge magnets, and so on are cliché, Paris T-shirts cannot be called one. They have become extremely trendy and a style statement.

The Parisian style has always been to go for the understated, chic look. Whether these t shirts help the wearer connect with Paris or make a trendy outfit, there is no denying it looks uber cool! Pairing a Paris t shirt with a pair of leggings and some boots and shades, you are all set to rock the world!

Paris t shirts come in many different prints, designs, and ideas. There are some that we instantly fall in love with. Who wouldn’t love a caricature of all things Paris? Some are pretty straightforward featuring the classic – “I Love Paris”. More often than not, you are likely to come across t shirts featuring the French icon – the Eiffel Tower. How does it feel to look at the Eiffel Tower in place of the A in Paris for the hundredth time? Well, I assume great since it is among the most popular selling model!

If you are visiting Paris and you come across these souvenirs, you can jump up and grab t shirt. But what if you have no holidays to Paris planned? Well, these Paris t shirts have become so famous you are likely to find it in your local shops. Bring the Parisian style right into your city! How about adding a beret to your outfit – another French classic?! That certainly would be a cliché!

The craze for these t shirts is so high that you can come across many websites devoted strictly to Paris souvenirs! If you are in Paris, stay away from purchasing cliché souvenirs, such as cigarette lighters, keychains, sunglasses, and clutches featuring an Eiffel Tower. Trust me, once you return home, these are not going to be appealing any longer.

Paris t shirts, on the other hand, are never a cliché item. You can wear it at any time and show the world your fashion sense. Try to buy something that will remind you of the moments you spent in Paris, rather than just the Eiffel Tower! If you really want to copy the French’s cool sense of dressing, you need to lay off heavy make-up. French women love silk, cotton, and denim. In winters, pull off the classic look of a cardigan with denim. Accessorize elegantly and you are all set!

One last note, unlike tees which you can wear or not, canvas prints or photo posters are always visible on your walls and if you’ve visited your closest Ikea branch you’d know how popular they are. This article tries to explain why.

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