Paris Noir & Blanc | How It All Started?

Friends, family, followers and visitors asked me frequently how it all started? What made me decide to open this store and blog that shows Paris in black & white?

I thought using this medium would allow me to clear all these questions. 

But first thing first, I live in Paris and I walk up, down and across the city with my camera. I try to capture interesting moments, things that represent the city, its monuments and the parisian lifestyle.

After years of doing that I realized that I actually have a stock of pretty nice photos and that I'd be happy other people could see and enjoy.

I also sell them here along with other products that I designed. I was hoping that some of them could be a nice way to share a feeling I was trying to capture when I was taking it. When someone purchases one of my photos it's like a stamp of validation that it did just that and that the customer appreciates it enough to let it be hanged on his or her living room wall.

Why black & white? well because I love the aesthetics of b&w photos. I think that when done properly they can bring more warmth and feelings than color photos. Personally I also think they look much better on the wall than color photos. But that could be just me :)

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