7 Reasons Why Black And White Paris Pictures Are better Than Color

There are many who ask why pictures in black and white always stand out. Black and white photographs are a timeless classic and they are going to remain so. There are so many ideas and strategies with which these images are captured. They always give off a vintage look detailing timelessness. Monochromatic images have lately been catching quite a bit of attention than it used to a decade ago. All this is all the more justifiable.

Previously, people had to take a decision upfront on whether they wanted to take a picture in black and white or in color. With digitalization, we are now able to take a picture in color and convert them to black and white. However, in most cases, capturing the images with the intent of converting them to monochrome later will help us in taking the photograph in a certain manner and from a certain angle. Let us take a look at 7 Reasons Why black and white Paris pictures are better than color.

No distractions

There are millions of color combinations possible and when there are colors in pictures, you will not be able to avoid the distractions as colors tend to dominate the picture. There is no doubt that colors give a value of joy to the picture, but it should not be at the cost of distraction. With Paris being a lively place, it is possible to capture the city and her energy better in black and white than in color. Monochrome pictures of Paris would turn out to be better when compared with that of color any day. Your pictures will automatically get all the more attention that it deserves when it captures the black and white beauty and tones.

Variety and Versatility

There are several monuments in Paris and the city itself is known for its architectural beauty and exquisiteness. This makes it all the more alluring and attractive when captured in black and white. When there is a rich piece of architecture involved, black and white pictures always come into play. They give your subject an elegant look and will perfectly blend into the background of the image. It lets the viewer focus more on the architecture, the lines, and the construction than on the colors and other distracting factors.


In case you are taking images of people around Paris, then black and white images will always be better than the colored ones. Again, the distraction of the colors plays a vital role in deciding how good a picture will turn out to be. Colors on the clothing, background, and so on can easily distract your viewers from the actual object that you are trying to capture and showcase. There are more than a dozen tourist and not so crowded places in Paris where you can go ahead on your portrait-clicking sprees.

Think differently

When you start taking pictures in black and white, you will start avoiding colors as much as possible automatically. Everyone’s creativity is unique and capturing images of Paris in will always turn out something special. An excellent example of this is to take a photograph from right below the Eiffel Tower. Taking it from a particular angle will help you in capturing the tip and the clouds. There are plenty of other angles that one can capture the beauty of the Eiffel Tower. It all depends on how you think and how you want to showcase it to the world. Small objects, such as the clouds and the tip of the tower is something which adds a bit of flavor to your images, despite being devoid of colors.

passerelle simone de beauvoir black and white

Art – The way you see it

Paris has always been known for its art. Art Nouveau is one of the best places where you can start capturing black and white images. Art taken in black and white looks much better when compared to color as the viewer is able to see the level of detail that has been put in to create one particular piece of art. Statues taken in black and white also tend to stand out.

louvre pyramide black and white

Outdoors of Paris

Paris is rich in its landscapes. An early morning hot air balloon trip in the winter is a must if you are looking for inspiration for your black and white photography. Images of the city covered with mist or fog, and high rises protruding out of the fog makes for a pleasant scene. It is a good idea to capture the images with the sun’s rays falling on the scene in front of you in Paris. When the landscapes are in black and white, it provides the depth of detail keeps the viewers’ attention captured, thereby making the image more attractive to the public. Paris, in all her glory, can be photographed in monochrome any time of the day or night. Again, as the photographer, your imagination comes into play here.

Intricacy of the Images

This has always been a major discussion point among photographers. Besides the subject of the photograph, there are plenty of details that each image talks about. The intricacy of the image lies in the way it is captured and the level of detail and the depth in which it has been explored. With different clicks of the same subject in monochrome, one gets to view the same subject from different angles, with different backgrounds, and a unique insight every time.

To Sum it Up…

There are so many reasons why black and white photographs of Paris would be better that one loses count!

Despite having had the technology for color photographs for nearly a century now, we still love black and white photography for the quality aesthetics it provides. Similarly, while photographing Paris, you are more likely to end up loving the monochrome photographs of this lovely city than the color ones.

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