After The Notre-Dame Fire

April 15th, 2019 will always be remembered as the day the Notre-Dame cathedral caught on fire. Yesterday, April 16th I went to look at the damage with my own eyes and see what’s left after the fire.

The good news are, and I’m sure you all know them by now, that the structure stands!

From a frontal view the cathedral still looks majestic although it’s visible that one of its towers is missing.

From a side view, which is shown in the photo for this post you can see the major damage to the roof or should I say the lack thereof.

notre dame after fire
notre dame de paris

I have no idea how long the renovations will take but what’s clear is that too many people were moved by this tragedy and they all want to help with funds and other resources.

Living here, I will keep following and uploading photos of the renovation as soon as they start working on it

UPDATE: January 2020 / To this date there were only works to strengthen the structure and making sure it won’t collapse. 

Other than that experts are still arguing about the best way to renovate the cathedral and whether it should look exactly like the pre fire cathedral or maybe make some additions. 

Materials are also a big discussion topic and experts claim that you could find modern materials that won’t be so sensitive to fires.

I’ll keep you posted with updates…

notre dame after fire
notre dame after fire

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